Essential Home Technologies to Invest in This Winter

Endeavor to boost your home’s intelligence this winter? Here is this season’s essential home technology

Heading into 2020, the home automation market is hitting its stride. The technology that powers the Internet of Things (IoT) is maturating, and with each new device comes an increased layer of sophistication for your smart home.

But even as homes reach unprecedented levels of automation, it can often be challenging deciding which step to take next.


A new device?

Software update?

Or a complete upgrade of your home’s IoT?

Before doing anything too dramatic, let’s take a look at this season’s essential home technologies.


WiFi 6

More automation, more devices, more bandwidth. Though the IoT provides a boon for your home, it’s likely a burden on your bandwidth. More specifically, your WiFi connectivity.

That’s where WiFi 6 enters the picture.

WiFi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) makes a significant impact in homes where a large number of personal and IoT devices are competing for space. By making devices vying for network space work more efficiently, WiFi 6 distributes bandwidth demand more evenly, so no one feels as though they are getting throttled.

You can purchase WiFi 6 routers from Netgear, Asus, and TP-Link.


A More Intelligent Assistant

Amazon Alexa. Google Home. Apple HomeKit. Your smart home requires a voice command center, and three of today’s tech giants are clamoring for control. But which one will best lead you into the next decade and beyond?

Overall, Alexa and its companion Echo speaker lead the field by controlling the most devices with the broadest range of voice command skills—critical if you hope to automate as much of your home as possible in 2020. Google Home is a solid second—it provides seamless home control, especially if you use a Google Chromecast or Pixel phone.

Apple trails behind both Alexa and Google Home by a fairly wide margin. But, as with most things Apple-related, if you’re all in on their ecosystem, the Siri-centric HomeKit, HomePod speaker, and companion devices are a natural fit.


For Your Comfort and Well-Being

Now that you’ve lined up faster wifi and chosen your preferred AI-assistant, it’s time to elevate your home’s IQ level.

Secure your most significant investment with the SimpliSafe Home Security System. The DIY kit is available with or without a monthly monitoring subscription and will keep you alert of thieves, fires, and floods.

Add in a Ring video doorbell or Arlo Ultra exterior camera system to cover all corners of your home. The August Smart Lock secures your doors and works with all three smart assistants.

With automated climate control, Nest or Ecobee smart thermostats are go-to devices with options fitting every home and lifestyle. For those that like to connect their workouts, Peloton and Mirror are the future of at-home workouts.

If you want a little help in the kitchen, cook with science while using the WiFi-connected and app-controlled Anova Digital Precision Cooker. Take that connectivity outside with the Traeger Timberline 1300 grill.

Bring it all together with the Brilliant Control, a convenient and well-thought-out wall switch and control center that allows you to play music, control your lights and climate, and monitor your security devices.

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