Smart Home Technologies to Watch in 2019 and Beyond

See how technology is reshaping the experience of living in a luxury home.

With the coming of every new year, the main players in the technology field gear up to show off their latest inventions and breakthroughs at the annual Consumer Electronics Show convention. Taking the entire world by storm, the CES gives us a sneak peek at all of the technological innovations that will be prevalent this year.

Since all the newest smart home technologies are showcased, this has a major effect on the luxury real estate industry. Let’s explore the best home smart technologies to look out for right now and in the coming year.

Smart Security

Many luxury homeowners choose to go smart for safety and security reasons. We can expect to see these installed everywhere in 2019 and beyond.

Arlo announced their new full-scale security systems, which detect motion, carbon monoxide, smoke, window and door openings, and more.

Netatmo is coming out with the first-ever video doorknob, which links with Apple products and allows users to ask Siri to show them who’s at the door.

Deadbolts are a thing of the past. Go key-free with smart locks that work with combinations put into a keypad or touchscreen. Resources like these are helping keep homes safer than ever before.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting has become one of the most desired amenities for luxury shoppers, and this year tech companies are continuing to push the boundaries.

GE has a new line of smart lights that sync up with Google Assistant, allowing users to control illumination on their mobile devices.

Phillips announced their newest outdoor smart lights that use weather-resistant motion sensors. These come in a variety of colors and set a beautiful mood.

The geometric light-up wall panels from Nanoleaf are getting even more exciting, as this year’s models utilize touch screen technology that enables owners to play popular games like Candy Crush and Whac-a-Mole. Not only are these stylish, but they’re lots of fun, too.

Smart Electric Fixtures

Smart switches and plugs are the new standards for luxury homes. This year, the collection of available electric accessories has expanded immensely, with tons of creative applications that are helping us lead more energy efficient lives.

The smart thermostats invented by Honeywell are a great way to stay comfortable at all times. These easy-installation thermostats are user-friendly, customizable, and equipped with sensors.

Eve has announced its new energy strip, which is a smart plug that supports three different devices from one outlet. This is what we call using your resources wisely.

Fibaro shared details about their smart light switches, with an array of dimmers, colors, and mood options so you can customize your environment.

In 2019, we can expect to see everything smart–from refrigerators to toilets. This new phase of the luxury home experience is evolving and improving every day, meeting the needs of residents in unimaginable ways.

To learn more about the current luxury real estate market, check out our blog. If you’re interested in buying or selling a smart home in Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club, Boca Raton’s premier waterfront community, contact us today!





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